welcome to clare holland art

Clare’s art is abstract, sophisticated, always vibrant & bright, a bit whacky, with hidden elements, layers and details. They are certainly a true representation of Clare’s personality, heart and mind.

What’s for sure, Clare’s work grabs your attention and demands that you take a closer look!

Abstract, sophisticated, whacky

Influenced by the elements, design & fashion

My work takes on influences from all around me.

Ultimately my finished work comes from within.

I have a passion for layer, textures and fine detailing.

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The Luxe Collection

A collection of sophisticated acrylic, textures & metallic impressions of free motion on large canvases.

"I love these pieces because they change with the mood of the room, the metallic and glass beading shines and sparkles in the light, every angle delivers a different representation of the works".

A real focal point and a touch of glamour to any room.

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